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By popular demand (I think three people have asked) here are a couple of pages from the sketchbook. These are just done with a B or 2B pencil, nothin’ fancy. Advertisements

Jungle Booty


This one’s on the portfolio site, but I thought I’d show you a simple process; from sketch to colour. I drew this for my own pleasure, mainly to test out a new dip pen. I used the Gillott 303 & 404 and also a sable #2 brush, with india ink. Colour was added digitally in […]

Quick brush pen sketch

Snow Trite


Sigh… so I finally succumbed and got a blog. My portfolio site is pretty limited, so I wanted somewhere to chuck up all the rest of the things I’ve been working on. Also, I’d like to give back to the community and do some tutorials at some stage. Here is a personal piece I just […]