Illustrators Australia A3 Show


I have a couple of works in the IA A3 show. Opening night is tonight, and there is bound to be a lot of amazing work on show. All the works are high quality giclee prints and are available for purchase at a reasonable price.

IA A3 Invitation

IA A3 Show Invitation

1st April, 2010:

Well, it was a good night. Met a few great artists and got to see a lot of brilliant work. Well done to Illustrators Australia, especially Christopher Nielsen and Nigel Bachanan for pulling it together.

Here are a few quick photos…


5 Responses to “Illustrators Australia A3 Show”

  1. Nice work cobber… but what the heck is a “giclee print”, eh?!

    • Thanks. It’s a special printing process that looks very special. No idea how it works, but it’s special, ok!?

  2. looks good, mate
    did you get the prints made yourself?
    I have been wondering about this giclee print thing for ages…

  3. Cheers! The prints were done for us all by Storm Imaging, and I must say they looked pretty damn good. On nice textured paper, too.

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