NCS Reubens Nomination!


On behalf of the National Cartoonists Society, congratulations on your
nomination for the NCS Division Award for Magazine Feature/Magazine

You are one of three finalists for the award. The winner will be
announced at the 64th Annual NCS Reuben Awards banquet on May 29, 2010 in Jersey City, NJ.

I was delighted when I received this a couple of weeks ago! My lovely wife Ash and myself will be travelling to New York for the awards and conference in May. It is such an honour to be chosen, and I can’t wait to meet the cartooning greats (I’m one of the finalists with Ray Alma and the mighty Tom Richmond.)

I submitted six entries from publications last year. Here are a few of my favourite ones…

Summer BBQ illustration

Simpsons 20 Years

Simpsons 20 Years illustration

Mad Anatomy illustration

Anatomy of a MAD Reader illustration

Please visit the NCS site to see all the nominees.


10 Responses to “NCS Reubens Nomination!”

  1. 1 Eamo

    Congrats on the nomination and best of luck!
    Love your blog. The BBQ illo is my fav on it.

  2. Great news, Anton. Congratulations!

    Good to see you starting a blog as well.

  3. Great to see you in the world of Blogging Anton – linked you up !
    …again congrats on the nomination.

  4. Congrats on the nom mate – very well deserved. Love the blog!

  5. Well deserved Anton!! I’ll cross my toes for you,


  6. cool stuff
    I like the Simpsons one and I understand the reference to OJ and Jessica Simpson… but who is the eskimo?

  7. Thanks guys!

    Here’s the first line of the copy that went underneath it. I hope it makes more sense now, but I suspect that it may not!

    “After a comical mix-up between Maggie, Mayor Quimby and a foul-mouthed eskimo, Marge and Homer Simpson are replaced by Jessica and OJ Simpson…”

  8. 8 Carl

    Nice blog! Plz post regularly. I need more depravity in my life.

  9. 9 Mark K

    Fabtastic news Anton! I’m sure we can arrange a way of getting rid of the competition Western Suburbs style…not that you are deserving of the prize it would just make for another great illustration i reckon.

    Best of luck
    mark K

  10. As a lifelong reader of MAD magazine, I must applaud your uncanny degree of accuracy in anatomy—you really have us pegged. Well, everywhere except for that fig leaf over the nether regions. I can assure you, MAD readers are not modest at all. We have the arrest records to prove it. All the Best, Anton.

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