Well, after only a few days, I’ve learnt from my good buddy Henry that I can host my own blog easily… so I have!

The new address: http://www.antonemdin.com/blog/

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By popular demand (I think three people have asked) here are a couple of pages from the sketchbook. These are just done with a B or 2B pencil, nothin’ fancy.

Sketchbook page 1

Sketchbook page 2

I have a couple of works in the IA A3 show. Opening night is tonight, and there is bound to be a lot of amazing work on show. All the works are high quality giclee prints and are available for purchase at a reasonable price.

IA A3 Invitation

IA A3 Show Invitation

1st April, 2010:

Well, it was a good night. Met a few great artists and got to see a lot of brilliant work. Well done to Illustrators Australia, especially Christopher Nielsen and Nigel Bachanan for pulling it together.

Here are a few quick photos…

Jungle Booty


This one’s on the portfolio site, but I thought I’d show you a simple process; from sketch to colour.

I drew this for my own pleasure, mainly to test out a new dip pen. I used the Gillott 303 & 404 and also a sable #2 brush, with india ink. Colour was added digitally in Photoshop.

On behalf of the National Cartoonists Society, congratulations on your
nomination for the NCS Division Award for Magazine Feature/Magazine

You are one of three finalists for the award. The winner will be
announced at the 64th Annual NCS Reuben Awards banquet on May 29, 2010 in Jersey City, NJ.

I was delighted when I received this a couple of weeks ago! My lovely wife Ash and myself will be travelling to New York for the awards and conference in May. It is such an honour to be chosen, and I can’t wait to meet the cartooning greats (I’m one of the finalists with Ray Alma and the mighty Tom Richmond.)

I submitted six entries from publications last year. Here are a few of my favourite ones…

Summer BBQ illustration

Simpsons 20 Years

Simpsons 20 Years illustration

Mad Anatomy illustration

Anatomy of a MAD Reader illustration

Please visit the NCS site to see all the nominees.



Tattoo design for my mate Giles, from Phatsville Comix.


Phattoo tattoo artwork

I’ll post some pics of the actual tattoo soon. Stay tuned!

Quick brush pen sketch

Say Ahh

Open up and say aaaahhhh...

Snow Trite


Sigh… so I finally succumbed and got a blog. My portfolio site is pretty limited, so I wanted somewhere to chuck up all the rest of the things I’ve been working on. Also, I’d like to give back to the community and do some tutorials at some stage.

Here is a personal piece I just completed. It is a digital painting (Photoshop) and I made things a little hard for myself by only painting on one layer. Ok, sometimes I added a quick layer on linear or multiply mode, but I would quickly merge down. And I limited the brushes to only hard brushes – no airbrush.

This was all a bad idea, and ended up taking me a lot longer than it should have. Next time I use layers and masks!

Snow Trite

Snow Trite digital painting

The Studio

Corkey the Pug hard at work